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Credit Card Application Rejected?

Credit cards are a useful way of coping with unforeseen expense and spreading the load and having an application for a credit card rejected can be frustrating and humiliating. Read how lenders score applicants so you can improve your chances of having future credit card applications accepted.

Denied a Mobile Phone Contract?

If you have had a mobile phone contract application declined in the past we can help. Read our tips on how to improve your chances of getting your mobile phone contract application approved and check out the bad credit contract deals on offer.

Personal Loan Application Declined?

Whether you’re looking to pay for a new car or reduce the cost of existing credit card and other debts by consolidating them, having a loan application declined will stop you in your tracks. Read our advice on how to dramatically improve your prospects as a borrower.

Denied Finance?

If you have had a personal finance or application for credit declined then we can help you. Read our tips on how to investigate and improve your credit score so that lenders will be more inclined to help you finance the things you want or need.

At our aim is to help people that may have less than ideal credit status by providing information on how to be more credit worthy so that your future applications for credit stand the best chance of being successful.

A key element towards improving credit status is to check your credit report. By knowing what is in your credit report, you will be able to see where there are problems which can be rectified in the hope of improving your credit rating. Simplistically speaking the higher your credit rating, the higher your chances of having a credit application accepted. Our section on credit reports provides details on what are in credit reports and how to improve credit scores.

You may want to consider taking out a form of credit such as a loan, credit card or even a mortgage, so it is in your interests to ensure that your credit score is as healthy as possible before you make your application otherwise you could run the risk of being denied finance. Each different type of finance available will have varying criteria for acceptance based on the type of finance involved and the lending criteria from the banks or building societies so it would be worth familiarising yourself with the relevant sections in our personal finance section so that you stand the best chance possible of having a future successful application. Areas include, credit cards, loans, bank accounts, car finance and student finance.

If you are struggling with your credit rating but you need a mobile phone contract you might want to take a look at our bad credit mobile phone contract section. If you want to view the latest phones from all of the mobile networks you can see our mobile phone contract comparison table which features over 1,000,000 different mobile contracts which are updated daily.

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