EE Phone Contract Deals

The EE network is currently the largest mobile phone network in the UK and offers the highest level of 4G coverage available. We have compared all of the best EE contract deals and added them into our comparison table below for your convenience.

  • EE is the largest, fastest 4G network in the UK.
  • 6 Months free Apple Music
  • Free EU roaming on ALL tariffs
  • Use your included data, minutes and texts in 53 countries on 4GEE Max plans
  • Great bundle deals and mobile data boosts with EE home broadband
  • All the latest smartphones to choose from
  • Wifi Calling available
  • Fast delivery of mobile phone orders

Check out all the latest contract deals from EE by viewing our comparison table which is updated daily with all the best EE deals.

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Best EE Deals

EE Contracts Review

If you are somebody that relies heavily on mobile data then you will want to consider an EE mobile phone contract (my phone contract is on EE).

EE were the first network to roll out 4G and they had quite a head start over their competitors. Their 4G network is unrivalled in the UK with ambitious plans to provide 4G coverage to 95% of the UK land-mass by 2020 – they claim they’ve already achieved 90% (as of June 2018). While EE 4G coverage in built-up areas is already fantastic, this aim will help to ensure superfast 4G access to even the most remote locations.

Due to EE focusing so heavily on 4G and mobile data in their contracts you will find that they have a range of deals that offer generous amounts of free data transfer. If you are using 4G you will find that you will likely burn through a lot of data because the transfer speeds are so fast – up to 60Mbps. This inherently encourages the use of media content on the move. If you like to stream films, sports or music on your phone an EE 4G phone contract would be a very strong option. EE are currently beginning a “4G+” rollout, with speeds up to 90Mbps. This will initially launch in London with other areas to follow.

For light users of data EE offer entry level phone contract that offer 500MB of data. This should suffice if you only browse the Internet occasionally or use social media sparingly. Mid-range plans include 2GB, 4GB or 5GB of data transfer which would be enough to stream services such as Spotify fairly regularly, whilst the top of the range plans give you 30GB to 60GB of data transfer which is more than enough for even the heaviest YouTube streaming usage.

Most of the EE mobile phone contracts offer free unlimited calls and texts as standard and there are often deals to be had online such as double data allowance or reduced monthly prices for short times.

All of the very latest phones from Apple, Samsung, LG, Google, Huawei, Sony, HTC etc are available on contract so if you would like an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9 or one of the new Sony Experia you will find a contract at EE.

About EE

EE (which stands for Everything Everywhere) is the largest mobile phone network in the UK and was the first network to roll out 4G services in the UK.

It is the amalgamation of the two giant mobile networks T-Mobile and Orange and it has over 27 million customers in the UK currently using its network.

EE has 580 retail stores in the UK and around 13,000 full time members of staff.

EE have invested a great deal into their 4G network which is continually expanding in coverage to make it by far the largest 4G network in operation in the country.

EE Tariffs

EE offer a wide range of phone contracts which are specifically tailored towards the fast 4G protocol so if you like to stream movies or audio such as Spotify, an EE contract could be a good choice.

There are often offers to look out for from EE such as double data speed deals for half price or refurbished contract phones that can really lower the monthly contract price.

Special deals are often also available where you can trade in your existing handset and receive a substantial discount on a new one.

EE Signal Coverage

If you are planning on taking out an EE phone contract you should check the availability of EE in your location by using the online signal checker tool by clicking here.

EE claim that they have 99% signal coverage in the UK which is excellent for phone calls which use 3G. If you specifically choose EE because you want to use 4G data then you should be aware that EE currently have around 90% coverage for 4G services. The 4G signal is normally strongest in large cities or towns so definitely check your postcode or location using the tool to see how strong your 3G or 4G signal is before ordering from EE.

EE Roaming

EE customers can roam freely in Euro-zone destinations. Your inclusive data, minutes and texts work in the same way as when you’re in the UK.

Additionally, customers who choose a 4GEE Max plan can use their UK allowances in several other countries, including USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico.

EE Tethering & Hotspot Usage

Tethering and personal hotspot usage is allowed on EE contracts which allows you to make the most of your data allowance by sharing it with other mobile devices that you may own such as an iPad, Galaxy Tab or laptop etc. As always, it’s advisable to keep an eye on your data usage while tethering or using your smartphone as a personal hotspot – especially if you have multiple users / devices connected at once!

Also if you are out and about you can take advantage of one of the free EE Wi-Fi hotspots that is available to paying EE contract customers.

EE Home Broadband

EE offer a range of broadband products, from standard ADSL through to the latest high-speed fibre broadband options. There is also a landline-free 4G home broadband option for those either without a landline, or with a landline that supports less than optimal speeds. A strong 4G signal is obviously required for this but you can obtain speeds of up to 31Mbps, which may be otherwise totally unattainable for users in rural areas or areas that have not had their telecoms infrastructure upgraded to fibre.

For EE mobile users, some of the EE broadband packages give you an inclusive data boost of up to 50GB per month!

EE Contract Delivery Details

If you order a phone contract from EE you should expect fast delivery of your device. EE will despatch the mobile phone as soon as the order has been processed and they will text you with details on when to expect to receive the delivery. If the phone is out of stock you will be informed as to when you are likely to receive the phone.

DPD is the delivery company that will deliver your package and you should expect to receive a text from them on the day before delivery which confirms the delivery day, a link to track the progress of the parcel and an option to rearrange to a new delivery date if the existing date is unsuitable. On the morning of the delivery you will get another text which will specific a one hour timeframe during the day in which you should expect your delivery to arrive.

You should have a form of ID ready to show the delivery driver to verify that you are the listed recipient. Passport or photo driving card is recommended.