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At Denied.co.uk our mobile phone contract comparison tool takes all of the very best O2 phone contracts and selects the best value deals so you don’t have to scour the Internet for the top contracts on offer.

  • Upgrade whenever you like with O2 Refresh tariffs
  • Free access to over 15,000 O2 WiFi hotspots
  • London Underground WiFi
  • Early-access to event tickets with O2 Priority Tickets
  • WiFi Calling available
  • Free Euro-zone roaming
  • Free next day phone deliveries

Compare all of the best O2 mobile phone contracts in our handy deals table below.

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Best O2 Deals

O2 Contract Review

O2 is one of the most popular phone networks in the UK because they couple market leading customer service with great value phone contracts, with load of freebies thrown in via their Priority Moments” offers.

You can expect to get the all of the top phones on the market on an O2 contract. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus mobiles are among the most popular contract phones on offer at O2 as well as the latest Samsung Galaxy models that include the S6 and S5.

The O2 network is a particularly good network to opt for if you are applying for a contract for the first time or you believe that your credit rating may not be very high. In our experience O2 have tended to accept higher numbers of applicants with bad credit than other networks. You will have to pass a credit check to get a phone on contract with O2, so if applying with poor credit it would be best advised to opt for one of the cheaper phone models or alternatively if you have an amount of money that could be used as a deposit towards the phone then you may wish to do this as it will increase the chances of having a contract application accepted.

Phone contracts start at just £8.50 per month going up to £65 per month if you opt for a phone such as the market leading Samsung Galaxy S6. There are contracts for people with all sorts of budgets at O2.

About O2

O2 is a leading telecommunications provider in the UK with a long and distinguished record of providing high levels of service to customers. According to OFCOM they have the highest customer satisfaction rating of any mobile network in the UK.

They have approximately 23 million customers in the UK currently with over 450 retail shops around the nation.

The company is well known for their popular free perks that are included with their phone contracts (you’ve probably seen the adverts) leading to great early-access deals on tickets for big events such as at the O2 Academy and following the England rugby team whom they currently sponsor.

O2 Plans

O2 offer a range of phone contracts that start at low prices for light users through to more expensive contracts that include the highest level of free minutes, texts and data allowances.

As well as the standard 4G contracts there is O2 Refresh which is a new type of contract which allows you to upgrade your phone when you want and halves your phone bill when you have paid off the price of the mobile device that was included as part of the deal!

Because of the unique way in which O2 approaches their billing the monthly cost is a combination of the desired level of data, minutes, texts and the device that is selected.

When you add the “Priority” offers that give you money off codes and exclusive offers such as 48-hour advance booking of even tickets before general release it all adds up to a great and extremely flexible package.

O2 Signal Coverage

O2 offer a comprehensive online tool that allows you to check the O2 network signal strength in any given area in the UK.

You can check the 2G, 3G and 4G signal strength both indoors and outdoors by entering the postcode or name of town/city into the checker.

To check the O2 signal strength in your area click here.

O2 Roaming

O2 allow you to use your inclusive calls, texts and data anywhere within the Euro-zone.

The O2 Travel Inclusive Zone Bolt-On lets you roam in 75 countries at no additional cost and also includes a daily allowance of 120 texts, 120 minutes, and data roaming in 27 international destinations, such as USA, Australia and New Zealand. Perfect for keeping in touch while away, or for updating friends on social media with your travel exploits!

O2 Tethering & Personal Hotspot Usage

O2 allows Personal Hotspot usage on pay monthly tariffs, although they claim that it isn’t recommended due to the speed at which it’s possible to burn through your data allowance – potentially leaving you with additional charges for excessive data use. If you’re tethering or using your smartphone as a personal hotspot, you should ensure that you monitor your data usage – either through your handset or the O2 portal.

O2 Contract Delivery Details

O2 offer an excellent next day delivery service on all of their range of mobile contract phones free of charge provided that the order is placed before 10pm.

If the particular phone is listed as out of stock, a pre-order or back-order, the next day delivery does not apply. Once the phone is available for delivery O2 will let you know.

As a bonus, you can also select the day on which you would like the phone to be delivered by courier if you have a preferred date in mind. On the day of delivery you will be contacted by the courier with a timeframe in which the package will be delivered that day. If the time is unsuitable you are able to re-arrange to an alternative.