Vodafone Phone Contract Deals

We compare all the best Vodafone mobile phone contracts and list them in our handy comparison table which is updated on a daily basis so you are guaranteed to see the latest accurate deals.

  • Get free Spotify, Sky Sports Mobile or Now TV on Vodafone Red Entertainment tariffs
  • Excellent signal coverage
  • High-speed 4G network
  • 30 day Network Satisfaction Guarantee for new users and upgrades
  • WiFi Calling Available
  • Free of charge and fast phone deliveries

Take a look at the best Vodafone contracts on the market today.

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Best Vodafone Deals

Vodafone Contract Review

Getting a contract on Vodafone means that you will be purchasing a mobile on a world class phone network with a choice of all the latest handsets available in the UK.

At the top end of the market there are a host of devices waiting to grab your attention and the single biggest factor for most will be the Operating System used. There’s the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus for those that prefer using iOS or if you prefer an Android device, the best phones on the market include the Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and Note 9. There are plenty of devices from other leading manufacturers, but these are undoubtedly likely to continue to dominate the market as the best smartphones available now.

Phones in the mid-range price point include the Huawei P20 Pro and Huawei Mate 10 Pro models along with devices such as the Sony Experia XZ2 which are often bundled free of charge or with a low upfront cost as part of monthly contracts, as are some Motorola Moto models, and also a selection of older (but still perfectly capable) smartphones like the Galaxy S7, and cheaper Samsung models like the Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5 and Galaxy J3. Older versions of the iPhone such as the iPhone 6 can also be had either free of charge or at negligible up-front cost depending on contract cost and duration.

It is also possible to apply for a Vodafone contract on a bad credit basis. You may have to make a deposit on the phone itself but many people with poor credit have been accepted for a Vodafone contract previously.

Monthly contract prices will depend on the type of phone selected a part of the deal but you can expect anything from around £15 per month up to around £50 for the most expensive Vodafone contracts.

About Vodafone

Vodafone is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world and has a reputation for having a fast mobile network and very good customer service. Their network spans 30 countries and almost 360 million customers around the world. In the UK alone Vodafone can boast 19 million customers.

All of the latest mobile handsets are available on Vodafone contracts over 18 to 24 month durations. Many contracts feature free handsets bundled as standard and you can often get free add-ons with contracts such as free Spotify or Sky Sports Mobile TV.

Vodafone Tariffs

Vodafone Red is the 4G range of contracts offered by Vodafone. They range in price from just £18 per month to well over £50 for the highest call, text and data allowances.

The three current Vodafone plans are Essential, Red Extra and Red Entertainment.

Essential focuses on a no-frills approach and provides unlimited texts but quite low limits on included minutes and data. It is best suited to light users but does include Vodafone Global Roaming.

Red Extra plans offer unlimited calls and texts along with higher data limits and these plans are likely to be sufficient for most users.

Red Entertainment plans focus on delivering a rich multimedia experience, along with unlimited calls and texts – they also include a choice of 24 month subscription to Spotify, Sky Sports Mobile TV or Now TV along with the kind of data limits that you’d need in order to make the most of your subscription. These plans are suited to users who watch a lot of video or stream music on the move.

Vodafone Passes

Vodafone Passes are an add-on that allow you to buy unlimited access to certain types of data for a month. This is on top of your monthly data allowance.

The Vodafone Video Pass for example gives you unlimited data access to Youtube, Amazon Prime, Netflix and others for £7 per month.

Vodafone Music Pass gives you unlimited Spotify, Deezer and others for £5 per month.

Vodafone Social Pass provides unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for £5 per month.

Vodafone Chat Pass will hand you limitless WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber data for £3 per month.

Vodafone Combo Pass gives you all of the above for £15 per month.

Vodafone currently offer over 50 handsets from leading manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, Google, Sony and Motorola, amongst others.

Vodafone Signal Coverage

Signal coverage for Vodafone is among the best in the UK and can be checked by postcode using this coverage checker tool https://www.vodafone.co.uk/our-network-and-coverage/uk-coverage-map/index.htm

You are also able to use this tool to check for planned or unplanned maintenance on the network that may affect your service.

Vodafone offers a 30 day ‘Network Satisfaction Guarantee’ for new users and also for upgrades – if you are not satisfied with the Vodafone network, you can cancel your contract at any point during that time.

If you need a further boost to your Vodafone network you can also take advantage of the Vodafone Sure Signal which can boost mobile coverage wherever you are based in the UK. This can be particularly beneficial to people who live in mobile coverage blackspots, or rural users who may be outside coverage areas.

Sure Signal works by creating a 3G signal based in your home, connected to your home broadband line and routing voice and data over that instead. Sure Signal allows up to 32 Vodafone-compatible devices to be registered and can handle 8 concurrent users, subject to minimum broadband line speeds being met. There is currently a one-off cost of £69 for the hardware.

Wifi Calling is also now available on Vodafone with certain plans – this essentially offers the signal benefits of Sure Signal but uses your existing wifi router and doesn’t require any additional hardware. A Wifi Calling compatible handset is required – most new handsets support Wifi Calling but if you specifically wish to use this feature, it would be advisable to check the specifications of your device on the manufacturers website.

Since 2013, Vodafone have been working with O2 to share masts where it would benefit their users.

Vodafone Roaming

Vodafone Global Roaming lets you use your inclusive minutes, texts and data in 152 destinations worldwide – helping to ensure that you can remain connected to friends and family or business without running up huge additional bills.

Vodafone Tethering & Personal Hotspot Usage

Vodafone allows users to tether other devices to their phones in order to share the phone’s data connection. This can be useful for providing internet access on a laptop while travelling, for example. Additionally (subject to your device supporting it) you can create a personal wifi hotspot to allow other wifi-enabled devices to share your phone’s data.

In order to make use of either of these options, you’ll need a strong 3G or (preferably) 4G signal.

Vodafone Broadband

Vodafone also offers unlimited broadband packages to both new and existing customers. Mobile customers get a discount on the monthly cost of Vodafone broadband.

There are currently two packages available – Superfast 1, which gives an average speed of 35Mbps and Superfast 2, which gives an average speed of 63Mbps.

Vodafone guarantee that if your speed ever drops below the guaranteed minimum speeds of 25Mbps for Superfast 1 or 55Mbps for Superfast 2, you can claim 15% off the cost of your broadband for the duration of the drop – even if that lasts for the duration of the entire contract!

You can check your sync speed at any time via the Vodafone Broadband smartphone app and can even claim for the above through the app.

Vodafone Contract Delivery Details

Phone deliveries usually take place within 2-4 days of the contract order date. This can alter if the phone is not in stock or it is a new and highly in demand phone model such as the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy model. If there is to be a delay with the order, Vodafone will let you know by email or text message (whichever option you opted for during the order process) about when the phone will be delivered.

If you are not happy with the mobile phone then you have the right to send it back to Vodafone within 14 days for a full refund. Upon letting Vodafone know that you do not want the phone, they will send you a pre-paid envelope for you to return the phone by post.