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Mobile Phones Direct Contracts Review

Mobile Phones Direct offer a number of their contracts on a cashback and free gift basis so if you are keen to get a freebie as part of your phone contract then Mobile Phone Directs is a good place to start looking for a contract.

Free gifts that can be added to a contract include an iPad, laptop, flat screen TV, tablet, games console, camera and various gift cards denominations.

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The cashback deals can amount to substantial savings. There are two main forms of cashback mobile phone contract – the automatic cashback and the redemption cashback.

The automatic cashback amounts to a lump sum that you will be paid to take out the contract and can be up to £100 or more.

Redemption cashback is a form of cashback that is given back to you over the lifetime of the contract which makes the effective monthly contract amount much lower provided that you fulfil the redemption criteria which is usually sending in a copy of your bill at regular intervals during the contract lifetime. Overall savings can amount to cashback totalling in excess of £200 over the course of the contract so it can add up to a substantially amount of money saved. For example, at the time of writing you could get a free Samsung Galaxy S5 on contract for £18 per month (after the redemption cashback has been applied – if there was no cashback the monthly contract would be £26 per month).

All the top of the range mobiles can be taken on contract such as the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the latest Samsung Galaxy S6. There are also refurbished phone contracts which can amount to great savings on your monthly contract rate as a refurb phone will typically be offered free of charge and will reduce your monthly contract fees by anywhere between £5 to £15 per month. Refurbished phones are usually phones that have been returned by customers under the 14 day cooling off period so they are usually in pristine condition.

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About Mobile Phones Direct

Mobile Phones Direct is one of the original operators that offered mobile phone contracts in the UK. They were founded in 1992, began trading on the Internet in 2004 and are still going strong now. In fact they have recently been awarded the title of Best Online Retailer 2015 at the Mobile News Awards.

Known for having some of the most competitive mobile phone contract deals on the web Mobile Phones Direct should be one of the first places to consider when looking for a new phone contract or a contract that includes as free gift.

Registered company address for Mobile Phones Direct is –

Mobile Phones Direct (Online) Ltd
Unit 2
Courtyard Business Centre
Farmhouse Mews
RG18 4NW

Contract Credit Checks at Mobile Phones Direct

When you make an application for a mobile phone contract you will need to pass a credit check and pass a security check that entails proof of identity.

At Mobile phones Direct as part of a network credit check you will need to supply a copy of your passport or driving licence plus a recent bank statement or utility bill that bears your name from within the last 3 months. A catalogue bill from the last 3 months will be accepted but it must bear the name and address of the phone contract applicant. If you are unable to supply this information it is likely that you will not pass the proof of identity stage of the credit check.

Mobile Phones Direct operate a fairly simple credit check at their end that involves checking the CV2/AVS that was used at the time of order. Basically if you have used a debit/credit card that belongs to you, bears the correct name and address details and it has been used with the exact same data that is shown on the card then this should be an easy check to pass.

A network credit check can take up to 12 hours to complete after which you will be informed of the outcome. Potentially this may be followed up by an Equifax check.

When applying for a contract you should bear in mind that these mandatory checks will take place so apply when you believe your finances are healthy because if the credit checks unearth unpaid bills, a large amount of credit or alternatively no evidence of credit at all then your credit score could be low and your chances of passing a credit check would be lessened. Mobile Phones Direct do pass more customers that apply with bad credit than the majority of retailers in our experience so if you are applying for a bad credit phone contract you stand a better chance of success at Mobile Phones Direct than at many other online shops but try to ensure that your credit score is as good as you can get it to maximise your chances of success.

Mobile Phones Direct Contract Delivery Details

Mobile Phones direct offer one of the leading mobile phone delivery services of all online retailers and conveniently delivers on a next day delivery basis.

Provided that a phone is in stock and the application has been accepted by the network and Mobile Phones Direct, if you order before 8pm on a Monday to Saturday your mobile phone will be delivered on the next working day.

Mobile phones will be delivered by the courier ParcelForce and you can track the status of your order by logging into your Mobile Phones Direct account or using your ParcelForce order tracking reference number to check on the status of the delivery on the ParcelForce website. In addition you will receive email updates once the status of the delivery changes so you will be kept fully up to date at all important stages.

Deliveries are conducted between 8am and 6pm and it is necessary for the package to be signed for.

If you have ordered a free gift as part of your contract you should expect it to be dispatched within 15 days of you receiving your mobile handset (subject to stock availability) and have it delivered within 16 to 18 days in most cases. You do not need to make a special claim for your free gift, it will be sent automatically as part of the successful approval of your contract application.