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Best Giffgaff Deals

Giffgaff Contracts Review

Giffgaff is the newest mobile phone network in the UK with a great community feel, but rest assured that it is operated on the excellent O2 network so you can be safe in the knowledge that the network infrastructure is top notch.

The network operates in a very different way to the standard UK mobile networks in that there are no fixed mobile phone contracts as such and there are a variety of ways to purchase a deal.
The customer can simply select a phone and then purchase what is known as a “goodybag”. The goodybag is what consists of the tariff i.e. the free minutes, free texts and free data allowance per month. You can make a small down payment on the phone or a larger down payment to lower your monthly fees and you can select the number of months in which you wish to pay.

Another way to get one of the top smartphones on the market through Giffgaff is to go through their P2P (peer2peer) lending service offered by RateSetter. This basically entails matching a person that has some spare cash that wants to lend it out to someone such as yourself that wishes to buy a mobile phone but doesn’t have the cash to buy the phone outright, doesn’t want to go to a bank or a payday lender. The financing is offered at the point of purchase and for example at the time of writing you could get an iPhone 6 16GB for £21.71 per month over 24 months with a onetime £25 down payment on the phone and a £5 goodybag (which can be cancelled at any time).

Getting a phone via the RateSetter scheme is an excellent way for someone that does not have any credit history or has bad credit to potentially get finance for a top of the market phone. The prices are extremely competitive (£21.71 for an iPhone 6 with only a £25 down payment!) and an added bonus is that an applicant will only have to pass a soft credit check. This is a type of credit check that will have no impact on a credit score whatsoever regardless of credit history.

Giffgaff offer a genuinely new business model and their contracts are well worth checking out, getting familiarised with and understanding much better as you could get yourself a bargain phone contract deal.

About giffgaff

Giffgaff was founded in 2009 as a mobile virtual network operator which operates on the O2 network with core values of affordability, simplicity and community. It is owned by the owners of O2, Telefónica and in 2014 was awarded the best telecom services provider award by Which? magazine.

There is an extremely active user community that are more than happy to help if you encounter a problem with your service. In fact helpers are rewarded with Giffgaff points when they help out a member in the Giffgaff forum. Points are also awarded for recommending Giffgaff to friends and having those friends sign up as members. The points are then converted into cashback, airtime credit or they can be donated to charity on your behalf.

Due to the high levels of community cooperation in supporting the service most customer support queries are answered within minutes or hours as opposed to the longer times experienced when dealing with the traditional mobile networks.

giffgaff Tariffs

Giffgaff phone contracts consist of the fee for the phone itself and the cost of a goodybag (a goodybag is the amount of free minutes, free texts and free data included and is taken over a month and can be cancelled at any time after the initial month).

You are able to buy a mobile phone outright by paying the full price for the phone and the cost of a monthly goodybag. You can pay a monthly amount for a mobile phone along with the cost for the monthly goodybag, or you could get finance through RateSetter which is arranged through the Giffgaff site to pay for the phone deal.

The way Giffgaff contracts work are quite different from other mobile networks so they can seem confusing at first but they are well worth checking out because from a value perspective they work out to be about the cheapest deals you can get for brand new top of the range mobile phone such as the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, or HTC M9.

giffgaff Signal Coverage

giffgaff is what is known as an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) in other words they use the network infrastructure of another provider – in the case of giffgaff they use O2.
This means you will get the same network coverage on your mobile using Giffgaff that you would using O2.

To check giffgaff signal coverage use their online signal strength checker tool by clicking here.

You are able to search for the 2G, 3G or 4G signal by postcode or town and get the strength of coverage for indoors and outdoors phone usage.

giffgaff Contract Delivery Details

Depending on when you order your phone online from giffgaff you may be able to get next day delivery.

If you order your phone before 22:01 on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday you will get next day delivery. Ordering between 22:01 on Thursday and 19:00 on Sunday will mean delivery will be on the Monday. Orders between 19:01 on Sunday and 22:00 on Monday will be delivered on the Tuesday.

If you place your order through RateSetter the order time is classed as when giffgaff receive payment from RateSetter.

There are no deliveries made on Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holidays.