Virgin Mobile Phone Contract Deals

We check all the latest contract deals from Virgin Mobile and present them in a handy comparison table so you don’t have to search around the Internet for the best deals – we do all the work for you!

  • Get contracts with a free phone from £11 per month
  • Virgin Mobile uses the EE network, which has over 99% network coverage in the UK
  • A choice of all the latest mobile phones
  • Flexible plans that you can change monthly
  • Great discounts and special offers for exiting Virgin Media customers
  • Special bundles available including PS4, Xbox One consoles and more

Our comparison table is updated on a daily basis for the highest degree of accuracy possible so see the latest contract deals from Virgin Mobile in our table below.

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Best Virgin Media Deals

Virgin Mobile Contract Review

Virgin Mobile genuinely offer a change from the standard contracts available from the main UK phone networks. Their Freestyle Contract gives customers the chance to upgrade their phone at any time and also to upgrade or downgrade the contract tariff so if you suddenly need extra free minutes call time you can upgrade or if you need to save money you could downgrade to the lowest call package to save money.

This flexibility stands Virgin Mobile apart in the market so a contract from Virgin would make good sense if you had a variable situation such as a student or if you had an income that fluctuates.

Credit checks for Virgin contracts do not seem to be as rigorous as with other networks in our experience so if you are looking for a bad credit phone contract, Virgin Mobile may be the best option to choose from.

If you are already a Virgin customer you can get £5 off the standard monthly contract price so it is definitely worth looking into if you currently have TV, home phone or broadband with Virgin Media. Contracts start as low as £5 a month if you are a current Virgin customer!

There is a great range of mobile phones on offer at Virgin Mobile ranging from the latest iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S9 to lower and mid-range phones such as the Sony Xperia range and Nokia Lumia phones which can offer be picked up free of charge on contracts between £10 to £15 per month (even lower if you are an existing Virgin customer).

About Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile was founded in 1999 by Sir Richard Branson and is part of the Virgin Media umbrella of companies. It is a network that is renowned for excellent customer services which is exemplified by the network winning the Best Customer Service award from Mobile Choice magazine for the last eight years running.

Virgin Mobile are a ‘virtual network operator’ – they do not run their own mobile network, they use the EE network which means that can utilise the amazing coverage and technical standards and 4G speeds of EE whilst retaining the great customer service and flexibility of contracts on offer.

Virgin Mobile Tariffs

Virgin mobile phone tariffs differ from the contracts offered from the other major networks in the UK in two major ways:

1. If you are an existing customer of Virgin Media e.g. you have Virgin Media Broadband, Virgin Media TV or a Virgin Media home phone service then there are discounts available on some of the monthly contracts. So if you are already a Virgin Media customer it would be well worth looking at how much you could on your Virgin Mobile bill.

There are also additional tariffs available that are ONLY available to existing Virgin Media customers – Such as the Truly Unlimited tariff which has no call, text or (perhaps most importantly) data limits whatsoever!

2. Virgin Mobile offer a flexible tariff called a Freestyle Contract. This type of contract works by splitting a standard mobile contract in two ways. The first is the fee for the phone, the second is the fee for the contract tariff – add them together and you have your total bill (a similar approach used by O2 with their Refresh tariffs). If may sound complicated, but in reality it is very easy and because the contract is split in this way it allows you the flexibility to upgrade your phone at any time by paying off the remainder of the bill on the phone element of the bill or you can upgrade or downgrade the tariff element of the contract at any time should your circumstances change.

Freestyle contracts are an excellent way to have the flexibility to change all aspects of your mobile package at any time without any penalty fees (you just pay what you owe on the phone to upgrade your handset).

Virgin Mobile Signal Coverage

It is advisable to check the strength of the Virgin Mobile network signal in your area prior to taking out a phone contract because you want to ensure that you can get a good signal strength both indoors and outdoors in the locations you will be using the phone most.

Virgin offer an online signal checker tool. Click here to use the tool.

Virgin Mobile use the EE network so it is unlikely that you will have signal problems as the EE network currently claims to cover over 99% of the UK.

Virgin Media Contract Delivery Details

Virgin mobile phone deliveries are usually next day (not Sundays or Bank Holidays in the UK) and you are able to choose a suitable delivery day up to 21 days after the order was placed for your convenience.