Shebang are the only mobile phone network in the UK that currently offer mobile phone contracts with no credit check whatsoever. In other words that means a 100% guaranteed pass for everyone applying.

If you haven’t heard of Shebang before they run on the Three network so that means their contracts offer extremely good coverage with data speeds at a premium.

The good news is that although they run a premium network their SIM only contracts start at a market leading £2.25 per month!

So what do you get for a £2.25 per month Shebang SIM only? Admittedly this is an entry level SIM deal so you will get 30 minutes of free calls, 30 free texts and 30MB of free Internet allowance. This is a good deal if you are a light mobile phone user or simply need a phone contract so that your mobile can be used in emergencies.

If you are prepared to spend £5.00 per month then your SIM only contract will get you 100 free minutes, 1000 free texts and 100MB of free Internet allowance which is a pretty good deal if you are a moderate phone user.

For £20 per month your SIM only contract will get you 300 free minutes to any network, unlimited texts and 500MB of free Internet data allowance. These allowance would be more than enough for the typical phone user.

An additional benefit of choosing a Shebang SIM only is the fact that after 6 months you are given the option to upgrade to any smartphone contract. If you have had problems getting a mobile phone contract in the past that includes one of the top phones from Apple or Samsung for instance, this is a great way for you to get a guaranteed mobile contract with one of the best phones on the market with no credit check required.

Your Shebang SIM contract can be a stepping stone towards getting a top of the range mobile phone!

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