samsung-galaxyHot on the heels of its predecessor there are strong rumours coming out of this month’s CES technology show in Las Vegas that there will be an impending release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone.

If the new Galaxy S5 is as popular and well featured as the S4 then it is sure to be one of the most popular phones of recent years and a genuine contender to the iPhone 5s.

Rumour has it that the release date for the S5 in the UK is around March or April 2014 but this could be subject to change. If you are considering an upgrade to your phone contract you might want to wait to see what the rumoured specifications are for the phone before you commit to a new contract because I think you might want to wait for the new Samsung Galaxy S5 based on the rumours I’ve heard.

So what are the Samsung Galaxy S5 specs? The most widely circulated (credible) rumours about the specifications for the S5 are –

  • There will be eye scanner technology included in the phone. This will be a security feature in the same vein as the fingerprint scanner on the latest iPhone. Arguably using eye scanner technology, the phone will be even more secure. The S4 model had eye tracking capabilities which allowed for users to scroll up and down webpages on the phone by simply moving their eyes so the security angle will be a natural progression for eye tracking on the S5.
  • The S5 will be heavily paired with the new Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch to allow for cross interoperability.
  • There are rumours that there will be a plastic version and a “premium” metal stainless steel version of the mobile phone.
  • The screen is rumoured to be around 5 inches in size with a pixel density of 560ppi, a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 and will be a flexible Super AMOLED screen.
  • The camera will be 16 Megapixels or 20 Megapixels according to which source you choose to believe.
  • The battery to be included as standard will be rated at 4,000MaH.
  • A 64-bit Exynos chipset or a new Snapdragon 800 quad core CPU running at 2.5GHz chipset will be the processor of choice (if true this would make the Galaxy S5 the fastest running phone on the market on paper) and there will be 3GB or up to 8GB of on-board RAM memory.
  • Android 4.4 KitKat will be preloaded on the S5 as the operating system.

So what do you think?

If all the above rumours turn out to be true (they all seem perfectly credible based on past iterations of the Galaxy smartphone range) then you will have not only the most advanced Android phone on the market but also the best mobile phone available full stop.

Watch this space!